Outta Sight, Outta Mind but still grindin'

I know it's been a minute. Most of you don't know what has been going on. I had to step away from my drafting table while I went back to school. I just finished my MBA from Gwynedd Mercy University, graduation is May 6th, It is not as if I haven't been squeezing little bts and pieces in here and there but nothing of any real substance. I am getting back at it and I have to regain some lost ground and rebuild some artisitist muscles but I am in a good place.

After creating whereever I could cobble my stuff together in a workable set-up I have reestablished my home studio. It is only 2/3rds of the size of my old spac for those who remember it, but it is a blessing to have a creative space at home to work in. A big part of being the Journeyman Artist is that I do a lot of work on the go and he benefits of having a permanent base of creativity is inmeasurable.

So I am getting my bearings, plotting the path forward and getting to work. So that the deal that's why I have been so quiet. Quiet but still grindin, if you look close you can see I have kept working on the Legacy Saga.

Stay on your Grind!


The Xion Network: NEAR THE FRINGE

The Xion Network: NEAR THE FRINGE: Do you remember the first time you held those delicate, thin pages of sunburst color in your hands? They were a Daliesque fission of stran...

Keep Grindin'


Been Hard on the Road

I have really been living up to my Journeyman moniker here lately. I am still working on finishing my sketchbook and I have knocked out a few commissions lately as well. But I just wanted to give you glimpse of the usual layout of my mobile studio when I am on the road traveling for the day job.

 Oh and I almost forgot to include a shot of my my laptop design. Man having friend with a Laser Etch machine can come in handy from time to time. Wherever I am working people sitting near or walking by can get a quick peep of the type of work I am putting down. Miller High Life (not included)

Keep Grindin'